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Financial Institutions

Warner is current in how the business and risks of banking are changing. Having supported financial institutions through many decades of regulation, compliance, protection, problem-solving and growth, Warner attorneys uniquely understand and view each organization in its entirety – starting with their goals and opportunities. Always efficient, practical and collaborative, our clients tell us, “You make my job so much easier.”

If you are a banking or financial services entity, we get you – including how you operate, how you make money and how you are regulated – and we apply that deep understanding to serve you in a thoughtful and comprehensive way. Our experience in and commitment and connections to this industry are unparalleled, running deeper than those of any other law firm in Michigan. Whether representing global financial institutions on loans to fund major construction projects that contribute to the rebirth of Detroit or serving as a trusted advisor to the smaller banks that are the lifeblood of our Michigan communities, we are proud of our banking heritage and strive to honor it every day.

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