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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Warner is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. It is our mission to provide workplaces that value and reflect the diversity of our clients and the communities we serve and create equity by removing barriers to opportunity when we find them. We believe we each have a role to play in creating an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves and enjoy doing their best work. When every member feels valued and feels comfortable speaking up and sharing different ideas, we generate innovative solutions that provide better results for our clients.

Firmwide Accountability

At Warner, we take an “all in” approach to DEI – engaging people at all levels of the firm to lead and participate on DEI committees and initiatives. This ensures a broad base of support from team members truly invested in leading the charge. It’s because of their time and efforts we are as successful as we are – and that success radiates throughout the whole firm. Our DEI work has become not only the right thing to do, but more importantly, what our people want to do.

Mansfield Rule Participation

As a Mansfield Rule participating law firm, Warner is furthering our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. The Mansfield Rule initiative is designed to close the gender and diversity gap by requiring participating law firms to consider at least 30% women and diverse attorneys for promotions, senior level hiring, leadership roles and inclusion on pitch teams. The goal is to shift cultural and procedural changes to create a more diverse and equitable workplace. Learn more on our Talent Pillar page.

DEI Action Committee

Warner established a DEI Action Committee (DEIAC) that created the processes, strategies and opportunities for our DEI efforts. Our DEIAC focuses on Warner’s “one firm” approach that embraces everyone in the firm. Our DEIAC is driven by action, implementing the firm’s specific goals to create sustainable systems and processes that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and access to opportunity.

DEI Strategic Plan

Warner adopted a firmwide DEI Strategic Plan, implementing a clear strategy of how we will further operationalize the work of DEI, measure outcomes and expand participation to include more internal and external stakeholders. Our DEI Strategic Plan centers around these four pillars:

  1. Culture Sustaining an inclusive culture where firm members are engaged, culturally competent and feel a sense of belonging.
  2. Talent Implementing talent management strategies that ensure equity, support engagement and enable professional development.
  3. Accountability Using data to gauge the effectiveness of Warner’s DEI initiatives and identify opportunities for further growth.
  4. Community Engagement Enhancing our support of our clients, other businesses and initiatives that are working to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and access to opportunity in our communities.

For questions or inquiries about Warner's DEI initiatives, please contact DEI Manager Mandice McAllister at