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Cannabis license holders, investors, suppliers and supporters deserve to work with entrepreneurial lawyers whose energy, passion and heart are aligned with the same ambition and drive. Fully understanding the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in Michigan and beyond, the 20+ Warner cannabis attorneys are experienced and prepared, effectively deploying every legal discipline that is required for Cannabis Industry participants to succeed. We’ll help problem-solve and protect you; and we will never stop believing that what our clients are creating and building is very, very cool.

Your Premier Legal Resource in the Michigan Cannabis Space

For “big weed” companies trying to introduce or expand operations in a variety of states, Michigan is the perfect place to replicate success and find new opportunities. With its longstanding medical marijuana framework and massive sales market, the state is also an ideal launch point for new entrants – including those coming from Canada, the European Union or beyond. But the last thing any cannabis company wants is to have to figure out all the subtle differences and nuances in each locale. They need someone to quickly and expertly assess their situation and tell them precisely what to do to be both compliant and competitive.

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