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Regulatory and Compliance

Where businesses go for Regulatory and Compliance expertise

All businesses, regardless of size or industry, face increasingly demanding government regulation. The laws and regulations are often complicated, unclear and subject to interpretation by the governing agency. Our Regulatory and Compliance Group attorneys specialize in nearly every regulatory area, and our experience with the laws and regulatory agencies is unmatched. From proactive investigations and audits, to day-to-day compliance questions, to crisis management, we’ll create a strategic plan that fits your business. We understand how the law is enforced, who enforces it and how to produce the results you need. Your organization deserves the kind of protection only Warner can provide. We invite you to explore our Regulatory and Compliance specialties and contact any of our group members to discuss your issue:

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ADA Website Compliance

Businesses throughout the United States are being targeted by plaintiff’s attorneys representing disabled individuals who use the Internet to access goods and services. These attorneys allege violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act based on claimed “access barriers” in business websites. Our experienced Regulatory and Compliance attorneys will help protect your business from these threats and assist you in navigating current and future applicable standards and regulations. If your business is sued, our attorneys have the trial expertise necessary to vigorously defend these claims.

Antitrust and Competition Law

Antitrust laws regulate and promote fair competition among businesses for the good of consumers. At Warner, we counsel businesses and offer compliance programs on a variety of antitrust and unfair competition issues. We litigate cases in federal and state courts, grand jury proceedings and criminal prosecutions to bring swift resolutions to antitrust and competition disputes. We’ll work with you to establish antitrust compliance policies, pricing policies, including resale and minimum advertised price, and auditing practices to keep your business on track. Learn more.

Business Immigration

Our Immigration attorneys help clients transfer executives, managers, and skilled workers of multinational organizations to the U.S.  We also assist domestic corporations with the hiring and retaining of foreign professionals. In both cases we work with our clients from the onset of securing temporary work visas through the complex and lengthy process of obtaining U.S. permanent residency. We also counsel foreign investors with the goal of obtaining permanent residency in the U.S. Our expertise allows our clients to smoothly navigate required interactions with regulatory agencies such as USCIS, DOL, USDOS, CBP and ICE. We counsel our foreign clients on family immigration and U.S. citizenship. We help our corporate clients through I-9 compliance and discrimination issues. No matter how complex or routine, our immigration attorneys will work closely with you through every stage of the immigration process. Learn more.

Criminal Defense

We represent corporations and individuals involved in a variety of intricate compliance violations and criminal charges. Our criminal defense attorneys regularly conduct corporate internal investigations to examine potential threats and liabilities. They are also experienced trial attorneys who regularly defend individuals and companies in state and federal court. No matter the allegation, we have the experience necessary to defend and protect your personal and corporate rights.

Data Breaches/Cybersecurity and Privacy

Our Regulatory and Compliance Group helps organizations identify information that must be protected and assists in developing the policies and procedures necessary to ensure confidentiality. If an organization needs to share sensitive data with others, we can provide the contracts for continuing protection. In the context of litigation and other requests for access to data, we help companies evaluate when information can be disclosed; we also have the technology and staffing to provide assistance with redacting confidential data prior to producing documents. In the context of data breaches, we help organizations of all sizes develop and implement breach notification policies and assist with breach investigations. Whether a breach involves one individual or a million people, we have the resources to help organizations evaluate their legal obligations and, when necessary, provide notification that meets applicable legal requirements.

Employee Benefits/ERISA

A robust employee benefits program is extremely important, as it can set you apart from the competition when attracting a talented workforce. Maintaining compliance, however, is equally as important. When dealing with ERISA compliance, our attorneys take a proactive and practical approach to ensure good standing with ERISA laws and regulations. Our areas of expertise encompass all related to IRS tax, DOL, and PBGC regulations. Our EB lawyers can also help you meet the challenge of budgeting for EB legal services through value pricing.

Employee Benefits/HIPPA Privacy

The HIPPA Privacy Rule places national standards on employer health plans and health care providers to protect individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. To ensure your compliance with these privacy requirements, Warner attorneys assist in drafting HIPAA policies and procedures, evaluating and responding to requests for protected health information, negotiating business associate agreements.  In the event of a security incident, we help evaluate breach notification obligations and, if necessary, providing notice to individuals and regulatory agencies.

Environmental Litigation

We provide a broad range of compliance services covering all areas of environmental law. Examples include permitting, compliance auditing, agency inspections, enforcement actions and compliance planning. We know the rules and the agencies that enforce them. Learn more about our REEG group and how they’re assisting organizations just like yours.

Financial Institutions

We assist broker-dealers, investment advisors and private fund advisors with compliance related to securities and financial services regulation. More specifically, we help organizations: develop operating and supervisory policies and procedures; prepare for regulatory examinations; conduct “mock” compliance audits; administer annual compliance reviews; anti-money laundering testing and certification; conduct branch office inspections; create responses to SEC, FINRA and state regulatory examinations, investigations and enforcement proceedings. Learn more.

Government Advocacy & Affairs

In the corporate, environment and financial sectors, collaborating with government agencies is necessary. We have entire practice groups devoted to counseling organizations in unique situations to promote your organizational objectives, while maintaining compliance. Relationships matter and we have built solid connections in Lansing on both sides of the political aisle. We invite you to explore our services.

Government & DoD Contracting

Within government contracting, exists a very complex bidding process with compliance at the forefront. It’s a competitive environment with tight margins and high risk. From initial registration to bid preparation, protest and post-mortem analysis, we offer guidance at every stage of the procurement process.

Health Care

We counsel physicians, hospitals, physician groups and various health care providers in a variety of compliance matters. Numerous state and federal laws govern the health care industry and require organizations to comply with:

  • Anti-kickback statutes
  • The Stark Self-Referral law
  • Federal and state false claims act investigations
  • Drug enforcement administration investigations
  • Corporate compliance and integrity agreements
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Licensing and regulatory matters
  • Medical reimbursements and third-party payer overpayment demands and appeals
  • Medical staff credentialing and peer review
  • By law revisions
  • Academic medical appeals
  • HIPAA privacy and security compliance

We can help you navigate the red tape that often goes along with the health care industry and keep you ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Higher Education

The Department of Education rules and directives can be overwhelming for the higher education community – especially when it comes to civil rights, off-campus programming and admissions. We work on behalf of institutions to remain ahead of any issues that could arise by creating internal procedures to protect any potential liability or threat. Our higher education compliance attorneys also interact with the higher education section of Michigan LARA, for those who are dealing with issues related to “educational corporation” status. Learn more about our Higher Education Industry Group.


Our attorneys represent numerous insurance and insurance brokerage clients when complying with Michigan’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services. We have an insider’s perspective on the insurance industry as a whole, and provide efficient, practical and proactive representation and advice on many insurance legal matters. Learn more about our Insurance Law practice.

Labor Regulation and Compliance

We represent a variety of employers in employee-related issues, policy development and international labor relations. Our attorneys have experience working with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and regularly counsel companies in ADA, FMLA and FLSA matters. Keeping clients compliant the labor industry requires proactive dedication; something we practice every day and can bring directly to you and your organization. Learn more about our Labor and Employment Practice Group.


Providing a safe and healthy workplace is a top priority for many employers – and it’s the law. It’s important to know your rights and the rights of your employees, while maintaining an OSHA compliant workplace. We prepare organizations for inspections and help them meet OSHA standards across multiple industries. From catastrophic events to workplace discrimination and safety compliance, we can help you prepare and protect your organization and your most valuable asset – your employees.

Product Safety & Regulation

Our product safety and regulation attorneys are experts in regulatory compliance, risk management and product liability defense. We regularly counsel and defend automotive, consumer product, food, drug and device manufacturers and distributors in regulatory and liability matters, including:

  • Product recalls and corrective actions for products regulated by NHTSA, CPSC, FDA and USDA/FSIS
  • NHTSA, CPSC, FDA and USDA/FSIS reporting obligations and compliance
  • Product safety investigations and hazard evaluations
  • Supplier and customer disputes and contract terms
  • Product claims in marketing and labeling, including product disparagement matters
  • Food safety issues (including matters under new FSMA requirements)\
  • Inspections and responding to 483s and enforcement actions
  • Product warnings
  • Product warranties
  • Product liability defense and avoidance
  • EU REACH, U.S. FHSA, California Prop 65 and state chemicals of concern laws

In the event a dispute arises that requires a more aggressive approach, our product safety and regulation attorneys have successfully defended and prosecuted numerous cases at trial, arbitration and mediation.

Records and Information Management (RIM)

The Warner Data Solutions Group creates cost-effective and easy-to-follow policies for managing the growing volume of data which overwhelm organizations every day. In addition, we draft and update RIM policies, procedures and schedules and perform compliance audits to help you comply with federal, state and international requirements. Not only do we provide records management expertise in each of the Regulatory and Compliance specialties listed on this page, this group has other regulatory areas as well, including international trade, transportation, aviation, children’s consumer product safety and lobbying/special interest groups (PACs).


Our Tax Law attorneys help protect organizations from tax liability and ensure compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state agencies. We administer IRS income tax audits, estate and gift tax audits, Michigan individual and business tax audits and help companies resolve sales/use tax compliance issues. Warner is experienced in establishing new 501(c)(3) organizations, private foundations and public charities and we review compliance issues related to nonprofits and S corporations. We invite you to learn more about our Tax Law Practice Group.