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Supply Chain

Warner’s dedicated Supply Chain Industry Group has been providing supply chain legal services for a wide range of clients across a vast array of industries for decades. Our breadth of experience uniquely positions us as trusted counselors – advising clients through the fundamental shifts in supply chain management and the ebb and flow of supplier relationships throughout the U.S. and abroad. From post-pandemic issues and logistical obstacles to material and component shortages and extreme weather events, our supply chain attorneys are poised to take action, big or small, wherever you need us.

Getting Back to Business

You’re in business to do business. And, we’re here to help you along the way. With our client-focused approach, we tailor our advice and strategies to your supply chain priorities, your relationships and in getting product out to your customers. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced attorneys understand every stage of the supply chain process – across industries and oceans – and we assemble the most knowledgeable team that does exactly what you need, when you need it. We’re efficient and drive results quickly. Our cross-industry knowledge saves time for what’s important – your bottom line and getting back to business. And although we’re known for our prowess in the automotive industry, we’ve been working with clients in the aerospace and defense, agriculture, appliance, consumer goods, cosmetic, e-commerce, health care, infrastructure, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing sectors for decades. We’re here to stay and will do our best to ensure you do too.

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