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Events | December 6, 2023
2 minute read

101K Ideas Presents “IP 101 Workshop”

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
5:30 p.m. ET

In-person Event
Dryden Building
601 Saginaw St.
Flint, MI., 48502

101K Ideas is a nonprofit organization with a mission to relieve the innovator of the entrepreneurial burden. Working with a community of creators, hobbyists, thinkers and inventors, 101K Ideas supports passionate innovators through mentorship, knowledge and resource sharing.

Warner Norcross + Judd LLP attorney Paul Engel has been invited to speak at 101K Ideas’ Flint headquarters on the importance of IP protection for startup businesses.

“Great ideas are the foundation of any successful business,” Engel said. “And protecting those ideas is paramount. However, for many startup businesses, the process of IP protection can be daunting, especially with the limited budgets often at play for new businesses.”

Engel’s presentation will offer practical advice on how entrepreneurs should approach IP protection to safeguard their innovations and prevent others from hitching a free ride. Engel will offer an overview of IP law and best practices, including a discussion of the four main types of intellectual property. Engel will also explore the balance between limited budgets and the capital requirements to secure robust IP protection.

Guests are invited to attend the event and network with other creators on Dec. 6 at 5:30 p.m. at 101K Ideas in Flint. For those who are unable to attend the in-person event, a second, virtual “IP 101 Workshop” will be held on Dec. 8 at 12:00 p.m.

For additional event information and registration, please visit here

About the Speaker:

Paul Engel specializes in domestic and international intellectual property portfolio development and management – working within the automotive, construction, chemical, energy, medical, software and manufacturing spaces to help drive innovative technologies to market. Much of his work involves obtaining and enforcing patents and trademarks, with an emphasis on patent preparation, prosecution and opinion work. Paul is passionate about mentoring young innovators, helping them grow their businesses. Learn more about his practice here.