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Cybersecurity and Privacy

Whether you are a global conglomerate or a small business, much of what you do now has a data (and, therefore, privacy) component. Across all industries, information pertaining to customers, employees, vendors or business partners is subject to increasingly stringent privacy laws and requirements, ranging from state-specific to international. If it sounds complicated, it is – but Warner’s cybersecurity and privacy attorneys will guide you smoothly through its every aspect. We will identify the information that must be protected, put compliance procedures into place, protect you contractually and provide a powerful defense should a breach or related litigation occur. We’ve got you covered.

Data Breach or Ransomware Attack? Remain Calm and Call Warner

Simply while conducting their day-to-day operations, most companies are now processing and/or storing large amounts of personally identifiable information (PII). New business technologies are also constantly being developed, and, of course, you want to take advantage of them. Unfortunately, this inevitable combination makes you an ideal target for hackers, data miners or even government agencies that police data breaches. But don’t worry: Our Cybersecurity and Privacy team has the experience and expertise necessary to help you prevent breaches and, should one still occur, allow us to investigate, respond and emerge with as little damage as possible. This includes satisfying all necessary notification procedures and assisting with insurance coverage issues as well.

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