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Data Analytics and eDiscovery

When an investigation or lawsuit hits, the data you collect, retain and produce to a third party can be critical, particularly if you are subject to regulatory oversight or hold trade secrets, intellectual property or other valuable, intangible assets. Whether reviewing documents for due diligence, internal investigations, in response to subpoena requests or as part of a lawsuit, we help minimize costs while safeguarding your interests. Our experienced attorney-reviewers use cutting-edge eDiscovery technology that rivals our largest U.S. competitors, keeping our focus on value, efficiency and your best interests.

Our Team Approach Saves You Time, Money and Headaches

Warner uses an integrated team approach to provide full life-cycle support for business data that has been tested and proven. In both criminal and civil cases, we’ve handled eDiscovery on a massive scale, including some of the largest document cases in Michigan. Our breadth of experience includes document production to federal agencies, U.S. Congress, U.S. Department of Justice, state agencies, local prosecutors, litigants and major news networks.

Our eDiscovery Products

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  • Warner provided representation and eDiscovery services for an ongoing, high-profile criminal case through:
    • eDiscovery document collection, review and production.
  • Negotiations in response to highly sensitive documents with the U.S. Department of Justice and other agencies.
  • Responses to subpoenas from federal prosecutors and agencies, investigative and third-party defendants requesting access to these highly sensitive documents.
  • Warner’s litigation and eDiscovery attorneys defended a high-stakes class-action and, later, mass tort case, which included:
    • Ongoing document collection and review.
    • Representation at local township hearings.
    • Document production in response to subpoenas from federal, state and local agencies.
    • Representation in regulatory compliance and shareholder issues.
  • Warner’s eDiscovery team collected, reviewed and produced more than 3.3 million documents in response to federal, state and investigative subpoena requests, and worked cooperatively with co-counsel to review, produce and redact documents from dozens of custodians. A high-profile case with intense media scrutiny, our attorneys made document productions available to the U.S. Congress and local, state and federal prosecutors while providing responses to journalist inquiries. We reviewed documents across all digital platforms and served as the last eyes on documents before they went to international, national and regional media sources.
  • Warner’s litigation and eDiscovery teams regularly collect, review and produce documentation in response to requests from federal and state prosecutors in a variety of criminal, civil and regulatory matters for clients in the automotive, education and health care industries.
  • Warner’s criminal defense and eDiscovery teams frequently represent corporate clients on a variety of internal investigation matters spanning from Title IX complaints to embezzlement concerns to False Claims Act allegations. In each case, our teams work together to identify relevant documents and utilize available technological tools to quickly and efficiently identify the relevant documents needed for interviews.
  • Warner’s criminal defense, litigation and eDiscovery teams conducted a privilege review of more than 1 million documents seized by investigators in an ongoing state-wide investigation. Warner’s team worked with prosecutors to identify potentially privileged documents and seek return of documents outside the scope of the warrant.

What We See On the Horizon

Reach out to your Warner Data Analytics and eDiscovery team for the latest insights into the following:

  • Your “Smart” Accessory or Appliance Could Potentially Implicate You in a Crime – because of potentially discoverable data your device is collecting. This may sound like an extreme, but it is an actual example. Both the types of data records being generated, and the technological means used to access and evaluate them, are evolving constantly – and exponentially. While focusing on growing and managing your organization, it is hard to keep up with all developments. With our end-to-end service offering (including cybersecurity and privacy services), you won’t have to.
  • The Increasingly Important Offense. Being able to respond quickly and effectively to a data or document-production challenge is important. But avoiding a problem is priceless. We regularly conduct discovery audits, helping organizations understand their document retention and production responsibilities so you can identify areas for improvement, before a big case hits. Given the scope and potential multi-million dollars of costs for a big-data battle today, building strong data management and governance into your strategy is key to competing and succeeding.

Strengths Snapshot

  • Attorney-client privilege challenges
  • Cybersecurity and privacy
  • Data analytics
  • Data and document governance
  • Data collection, processing and hosting
  • Data issues in due diligence
  • Document redaction
  • eDiscovery
  • eDiscovery coordination counsel
  • eDiscovery motions and depositions
  • eDiscovery planning and budgets
  • Emerging media and technologies
  • Information technology transactions
  • Internal investigations
  • Managed document review and production
  • Project management
  • Protective orders
  • Subpoena responses
  • Tech-assisted review (TAR)