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News | February 1, 2021
1 minute read

Warner Partner Kelly Hollingsworth on Training, Preparation Key to Preventing Cyber Attacks

The MiBiz article titled “Training, preparation key to preventing cyber attacks,” discusses how companies are training and testing employees on their responses to phishing emails. Attackers are getting smarter and creating emails that resemble professional vendors such as Microsoft 365.  Several local companies are putting proactive measures in place to protect their employees and their company from attackers – even though much of the workforce is working remotely due to the pandemic.

Kelly Hollingsworth, a partner at Warner Norcross + Judd shared, “Where we’ve always seen it is people clicking on links they shouldn’t. Now, we’re seeing (emails that say) sign up for our vaccine. If it didn’t come from Spectrum (Health) or Metro (Health), probably don’t click it.”
Hollingsworth is dually focused in the general business and information technology industries, with an emphasis on technology procurement and data privacy. Kelly is proficient in cloud-based hosting solutions and cybersecurity issues, giving her practice a specialty focus. Read more about Hollingsworth’s practice here.
Paid subscribers can read the full MiBiz article here.