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Publications | February 28, 2023
1 minute read

URGENT: METRC May Suspend Service to Delinquent Accounts March 1

We have heard from several cannabis law colleagues that METRC may be acting to suspend services to any licensee with delinquent monthly invoices, including service fees. From what we have learned in the last 18 hours, there may have been some billing miscommunication relating to METRC invoices to some or all licensees.

If what we have learned so far is accurate, METRC may take action as early as Wednesday, March 1, 2023, to suspend services, which would prevent a suspended licensee from complying with applicable laws and rules. We encourage you to immediately contact METRC to assure your service is not disrupted.

For questions about METRC or any other cannabis-related legal matter, please contact Bob Hendricks, Kristina Munsters or a member of Warner’s Cannabis Industry Group.