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Publications | August 24, 2022
1 minute read

What’s up With Michigan’s Cannabis Market? A 10,000-Foot Perspective

Warner attorney Robert “Bob” Hendricks has written an article for Lockton’s Cannabis advisory newsletter titled “What’s up with Michigan’s Cannabis market? A 10,000-foot perspective.” In the article, he discusses the history of Michigan’s marijuana laws and the dramatic changes we are experiencing today in the cannabis sector, including:

  • Fallen retail prices.
  • An oversupply of plants and flowers.
  • A black market exists for unlicensed cultivators/processors.
  • A lack of consumer confidence.

Hendricks goes into detail regarding each of the above concerns and what he sees on the horizon. To read the full article, click here.

Lockton is an independent insurance broker that serves clients throughout the U.S. and Canada across a variety of industries, including cannabis. Learn more about Lockton here and about its cannabis practice here.

Hendricks brings almost four decades of commercial law experience to a broad range of business types and owners that seek entity formation, real estate, tax planning, contracting and other assistance. Since 2013, he has been cultivating both a state-level leadership role and a prominent practice in the area of legal cannabis commerce, which now comprises the majority of his practice. Read about his practice here.