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Publications | October 19, 2021
2 minute read

eDiscovery: Not Just a Litigation Issue Anymore

eDiscovery for FOIA Requests

As our use of technology increases, so too does the amount of electronic data that needs to be collected and reviewed before it is produced in litigation. But, eDiscovery is not just a hot topic for litigants. Corporate due diligence projects, regulatory information requests and other data review projects can all benefit from the efficiencies a managed review team can bring to the process. Technological tools and experienced document reviewers can help reduce the amount of data that needs to be reviewed by the human eye and, importantly, reduce your costs. This is true for large and small data sets.

Presently, COVID-19 and other hot-button political issues have helped to increase the number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests from citizens to state government and local municipalities. These reviews often involve not just a review for responsiveness, but also to prevent disclosure of personal identifying information, privilege and other categories of information excluded from FOIA. Although the number of documents involved may be in the hundreds or thousands, and not millions, Technology Assisted Review, de-duplication, email threading and other technological tools can reduce the number of documents that need to be reviewed — saving you time and money.
Warner’s eDiscovery Center pairs our team of experienced attorney-reviewers with cutting-edge eDiscovery technology that rival our largest competitors around the U.S. Our focus is always on value, efficiency and your best interests. To learn more about the eDiscovery Center’s experience with FOIA responses, please click on the thumbnail image to the PDF or click here.
For assistance with an eDiscovery or FOIA request matter, please contact Warner’s Data Analytics and eDiscovery Practice Group co-chairs Scott Carvo or Madelaine Lane.