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COVID-19 Updates

Did You Know?

On Monday, May 10, 2021, Michigan hit its first vaccination milestone in the governor's "MI Vacc to Normal Challenge."

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Hiring Interns: To Pay or Not To Pay?

With the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling concerning Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Orders, businesses operating in Michigan continue to be challenged to adapt to our present circumstances and regulatory environment.

Warner has an interdisciplinary team of attorneys thinking critically about how companies should respond to these continual changes prompted by this novel coronavirus. As we counsel our clients and help them prepare and respond to what may come, we have developed an array of specific tools and other resources, a few of which are highlighted below. We encourage you to review this information, read the business and legal insights from our attorneys, and contact a Warner attorney to discuss your particular legal needs. You can also have updates delivered directly to your inbox by sending your email address to

Real Estate

Do you have questions regarding COVID‑19 related lease restructurings?

Warner offers comprehensive and integrated lease restructuring services that address all the possible issues - from real estate, to tax, to insurance, to employment law. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, our experience and expertise will aid you in negotiating the best lease restructuring terms for your business.

Business Operations

Businesses have faced a number of challenges and changes since the start of the pandemic.

Warner has partnered with our clients through these challenges to help address the changes.

  • Complying with federal and state mandates
  • Understanding the CARES Act and other legislation
  • Addressing facility operations and safety procedures
  • Prioritizing and managing customers, suppliers and employees
  • Managing changing economic conditions

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner attorneys have provided counsel, guidance and representation to our clients, and we remain focused on helping you get back to and successfully operate your business. Connect with one of our attorneys to learn more.

Labor and Employment

Do you have the plans, policies and protocols in place to protect the safety of your workers and your business?

As businesses and other organizations have navigated the pandemic, they have been faced with a flood of rules, orders, regulations and even legislation that has affected the way they operate and deal with workplace issues. Employers thus are not only addressing these new laws and the actions they should take now, but are also left to wonder about the decisions they made during the past several months. How is your organization managing through the ever-changing landscape? Our attorneys can provide guidance on these labor and employment issues and advise on what to prepare for next. Contact any member of the Labor and Employment Practice Group.

Paycheck Protection Program

Do you have the plans, policies and protocols in place to protect the safety of your If your business applied for and received a loan through the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), how are you planning for the loan payback or forgiveness obligations?

If you have a PPP loan, then you are among the many businesses that are seeking answers to these questions and more. Warner’s attorneys have interpreted and followed the PPP loan requirements from beginning to end. We are here to answer any question you may have regarding the terms of your loan, how the proceeds must be utilized and what criteria you have to reach in order to qualify for loan forgiveness. To learn more, connect with a member of our PPP team: Ford TurrellRob Davies or Matt Crowe.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

As commercial, regulatory and legal implications persist, does your company understand how to mitigate your litigation risk?

As companies transition their business operations and workforce from a phased to full reopening, it is evident that the impact of the pandemic shutdown has increased both state and federal litigation. These cases represent the first wave in a likely continuance of related legal and operational liabilities that organizations will need to navigate across areas including:

Warner's litigation attorneys are working with clients proactively to develop plans and strategies that may help mitigate an organization's risk. Contact Michael Brady or your Warner attorney from the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Group to learn more.

Government Affairs

As Michigan reopens its businesses and returns to the workplace, does your organization have a comprehensive understanding of the laws to remain compliant?

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, federal, state and local directives impacting businesses have created uncertainty and will continue to change and evolve in the coming months and years. Warner continues to stay ahead of the curve with insight and guidance related to the ongoing and emerging governmental directives, with a focus on helping your business navigate this continually changing environment. Connect with Warner’s Government Affairs Practice Group attorneys or Troy Cumings or Monique Field-Foster for questions or strategies related to your specific industry.


How is your business addressing contract performance, supply chain issues and cash flow?

Prudent businesses, suppliers and customers must monitor and manage financial strain resulting from COVID-19 disruptions. Warner’s attorneys are experienced at analyzing and counseling how to best position your company when faced with insolvency, bankruptcy or other restructuring issues – whether your company is facing financial distress or whether it’s your customers or suppliers that are dealing with financial trouble.

While government loans and other financial assistance may have masked the actual financial health of businesses, those loans and assistance will end and we anticipate increased activity in bankruptcy filings and a general increase in financial distress. If you are interested in speaking with an attorney about your full range of options when dealing with any type of financial distress (either your company or your customers or suppliers), please contact your Warner attorney or an attorney from the firm’s Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Insolvency Law Practice Group.


Where do you turn for accurate tax advice and representation?

Our attorneys can provide guidance on revised tax filing and payment due dates, payroll tax reporting, CARES Act tax relief provisions, employer tax credits, and opportunity funds and investments, among other business tax issues, and advise you on what to prepare for next. Keeping up with the IRS and state tax authorities has become a full-time job during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving business owners and employers overwhelmed with information, requirements and new deadlines.

The Tax Law attorneys at Warner are here to help answer any tax-related questions and steer you towards the right tax solution and opportunities for you and your business. Connect with Sean Cook or one of our Tax Law Practice Group attorneys today to learn more.