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Culture is everything. It shapes behaviors, interactions, values and practices within an organization. At Warner, we believe we all play a part in cultivating a culture that empowers individuals to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Firm Resource Groups and Affinity Groups

Launched in 2021, Mosaic is Warner’s first BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) firm resource group. The group promotes an inclusive environment and culture of belonging by creating a supportive community for BIPOC firm employees. Built around inclusion through dialogue and engagement, mentoring and professional development and community outreach, Mosaic includes members from various racial and ethnic identities across different positions and offices within the firm. The group meets monthly.

“Mosaic is an important gathering place for our attorneys and staff where they can share common experiences and help each other thrive. Even as a partner who has been at Warner for over 18 years, I find each meeting adds to my sense of belonging at the firm.”

Homayune Ghaussi, Warner Partner

Pride at Warner (PAW)
Pride at Warner (PAW), Warner’s newest firm resource group, ensures a welcoming, safe and supportive work environment that affirms the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression of every firm member. PAW aims to develop a vibrant community and provide a safe and open forum for discussion of the issues facing the LGBTQIA+ attorneys and staff through networking, mentorship, education, volunteering and outreach opportunities. In its quarterly firm resource group meetings, PAW is committed to discussing and addressing the many challenges facing the LGBTQIA+ community and seeks to celebrate the community and be a source of positivity. PAW currently has over 50 members and supporters within the firm. Warren the Lion is PAW’s stuffed mascot and is distributed to PAW members as a signal of allyship and a safe space for LGBTQIA+ colleagues. PAW helps educate both inside and outside the firm, highlighting significant dates in the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrating PRIDE month with events throughout June.

Diversity Book Club
Established in 2013, Warner’s Diversity Book Club provides a place for employees to learn and engage with each other on a broad range of topics and media. It continues to be a catalyst for learning and dialogue in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion. Originally beginning with books, the club has now gone beyond books to include other mediums like films and podcasts.

“We realized we needed to adapt Warner’s Diversity Book Club to meet people where they are. With our busy lives, it’s getting more difficult to find time to read – especially about serious topics. So we started integrating nonbook content, like documentary films and podcasts, to make consumption easier and eliminate time as a barrier to participation.”

Julie Dawes, Warner Paralegal

Women Attorneys of Warner
The Women Attorneys of Warner group’s mission is to bring together women and nonbinary attorneys of Warner who are actively navigating a historically male-dominated industry. The group meets three times per year with events focused around three main pillars: networking, education and service.  

DEI Town Halls

Warner’s Town Halls, initiated in 2020, have become an integral part of the organization’s commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment. These quarterly gatherings serve as a platform for learning, engagement and community building, with a primary focus on addressing topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. By creating this space, Warner has demonstrated a dedication to open dialogue and continuous improvement, enabling employees to share their experiences, exchange ideas and collectively work toward a more equitable and inclusive workplace. These Town Halls not only reflect the firm’s commitment to these essential values, but also exemplify its proactive approach to driving positive change and promoting a sense of unity among its members.

In 2023, more than 400 firm members attended programs on a range of topics from disability inclusion, AAPI heritage and affirmative action.

DEI Learning Curriculum

Warner’s DEI Learning Curriculum is based on the DEI competencies developed by the firm’s Organizational Processes Committee and is accessible through the firm’s Blueprint Learning Management System. With Blueprint, employees can access online professional development opportunities through mobile or desktop devices. DEI training courses are available 24/7 and encouraged by Warner’s DEIAC and leadership.