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Why Work @ Warner

The simple answer to this question is that all personnel who come to Warner are happy here. This goes a long way in making their families happy, as well. A lot of variables contribute to this, not the least of which is that we represent sophisticated clients who are achieving remarkable things in their companies and industries – and these clients are loyal to us, with many of them being with us for generations.

One of the many reasons these client relationships are so enduring is because of the many benefits of our rather simple – by today’s law firm standard – modified lockstep compensation system. It promises value, efficiency, expediency, teamwork, the right subject-matter brainpower when a client needs it, and trust that is earned and builds up over time. Every attorney who joins Warner is the beneficiary of all this goodwill. Our compensation system also fosters a collaborative environment free from internal competition, which enhances the day-to-day experience of the people who work here.

“Happy” is a Strong Word – Not Often Used When Talking About Law Firms

It is a strong word, and we don’t use it lightly. Balance is another word that is rare when talking about anyone pursuing a top-tier practice of law. For years, Warner leaders were (and still are) determined to build and grow a successful, modern law firm that is different than the typical AmLaw 200 or AmLaw 100 firm profile. We offer the opportunity to enjoy both a rich and rewarding job and a great life at Warner. We’ll help you design your career here so you can design the life that you and your family envision.

We are Driven to Succeed and Grow

Our 94% attorney retention rate translates into attorney longevity and practice leverage that propel us forward into the future. We know each other, trust each other and can count on each other. This allows us to seize opportunities to expand existing practice areas, pursue new areas and ensure that all attorneys here are at the top of their game.

The Strands of our Firm DNA

With attorneys practicing in more than 18 practice areas and 18 industry groups, together we represent hundreds of market-leading clients in their sectors. Non-U.S.-headquartered clients hire us as often as we are hired by top companies in Michigan, our region and across the nation.

Excellence, results, chemistry, teamwork, diversity, commitment to extraordinary client service and value make up our firm DNA. These qualities have consistently contributed to Warner being recognized as one of the nation’s best mid-sized law firms and best places to work.

A Better Partnership® This runs so much deeper than a tagline with a good double entendre. “A Better Partnership®” drives us to succeed and to ensure that we can prove this claim every day – in superior client representation and service, and in ensuring that everyone who works at Warner feels seen, heard, appreciated and respected.