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Experienced Attorneys

The best attorneys can work anywhere. Particularly today, with more flexible working models and top talent in high demand. Knowing this, why are laterals consistently choosing Warner and building their careers with us? Because we create an interesting, safe, culture-rich environment for you to thrive as the person and lawyer that you are. See below to learn why some of our most recent lateral attorneys chose Warner.  

Come Here and Stay Here 

Warner has a 94% retention rate among our attorneys, which is remarkably high when compared to AmLaw 100 and 200 firms. Attorneys throughout Michigan, the region and beyond are choosing Warner as their forever home – and because of our dedicated focus on living balanced lives, our attorneys’ families are fully supporting these important decisions. 

Compensation is Important. Here’s a Snapshot of Ours 

Warner’s core values and guiding principles are what drive our modified lockstep compensation system. We flatly discourage internal competition for origination, credit and client “ownership.” Clients hire Warner and stay with us because we design effective teams to achieve their goals. They can work with the right attorney at the right time to get the right outcome.  

Along with this, clients also appreciate our “no gatekeeper” rule, which means there is never any disincentive for one of our attorneys to freely collaborate with our subject-matter leaders across the firm – and for clients to know they can easily contact anyone on the team. 

What about stars?  

Warner’s business model is designed to ensure that star power is equally spread across the firm – in all practice areas and industry groups. Every attorney at Warner makes their mark as a member of one or more groups, and we equally support everyone’s passions, commitments, intellectual pursuits and opportunities for growth.