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Get to Know Jim Steffel

What attracted you to Warner?

“After developing a multi-faceted niche through 12 years of practice at a small law firm, I was very comfortable but wanted to further specialize. I had recently received my LL.M. (Master of Laws degree) and wanted to focus on the intersection of business-succession planning and estate planning for high-net-worth families.  In a small firm you need to wear a lot of hats and I was doing the work of at least six specialists while sharing various administrative tasks. At Warner it appeared that the administrative matters were well covered and there were plenty of specialists to provide the other services needed by my clients. Although I knew making a change had its risks, I was confident that coming to Warner would reduce the distractions that were limiting my focus and specialization. Warner appeared to be a great fit on that front and it also appeared to meet my commitment to have the clients’ best interests drive all decisions. Those appearances and attractions have been validated.”

What differentiates Warner from other law firms?

“In my opinion the core factor is our system of lockstep compensation. The ripple effect of that is the great relationships you have with your colleagues and constant focus you have on your clients’ best interests. Without the lockstep system I believe other issues would interfere with these and many other things that make this place special. Our compensation structure puts clients first, gets work to the best person for the job, creates a culture of teamwork (including proper associate training), reduces lawyer burnout and significantly reduces internal competition and disputes.”

What type of lawyer fits in best at Warner?

“Client-oriented team players who want to achieve excellence and expertise in their discipline, enjoy their colleagues and family, and want to be fairly compensated.”

Why should top-notch lawyers consider working at Warner?

Warner’s culture allows you to actually enjoy taking your practice to the next level. It is a supportive, positive and team-oriented organization that encourages you to become the best version of yourself.  It affords you the freedom to obtain the right work-life balance. Our culture encourages fun, pride and profit.  Our compensation system allows for excellence in practice while achieving the sometimes conflicting commitments you have with your partners, clients and family.”

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