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Get to Know Mary Blinkhorn

How does Warner Norcross compare to other law firms where you’ve worked?

“This is the best law firm I’ve worked for. Warner takes better care of its employees, and the people here consistently work well together. If you need assistance, someone will always jump in and help. The firm takes everyone seriously, regardless of job title. You don’t have to be an attorney to be treated decently. In general the people here treat each other with respect and are really friendly.”

Discuss the firm’s approach to professional development:

“The firm encourages you to learn new skills if they are applicable to your job. If I want to go to a seminar to learn something new and my boss thinks I have an aptitude for it, he sees the value and will approve it.”

Does the professional staff, like the attorneys, work as a team and share work?

“Yes. If you need help you can always find some help — people here seem to understand that the client is whoever needs the project done. Instead of people saying, ‘that’s your project, not mine,’ there is a willingness to pitch in and make sure deadlines are met and projects are completed.” 

What are some of the perks at Warner?

“The firm does a lot of nice things for us, like the event every spring at Great Wolf Lodge and the Christmas party. The health-care benefits are better than any other place I’ve worked and the firm is good about scheduling flexibility. And when I tell people we get free fruit at work they can’t believe it.”

What type of personality fits best in Warner’s culture?

“People who like to work in a group or team setting and learn new skills fit in best. You need to want to keep up your skills as well as show initiative and be willing to help your co-workers.”