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Job Jar

Law school teaches students how to think differently, but it doesn't expose students to the broad scope of practice areas in the real world. The Solution? The Warner Job Jar.

Attorneys submit diverse projects to an electronic system, which are assigned to summer associates. The Job Jar provides summer associates access to projects from various practice areas, attorneys and offices.

The Job Jar Exists so First-Years Can Try a Variety of Practice Areas - Such as These Real Life Examples:

  • Please research whether a person becomes a partner under Michigan`s Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act when the person receives an assignment of limited partnership interest, but the partnership`s certificate of partnership is never amended to reflect the addition of the person as a limited partner. (Partnerships)
  • Please research opinions from both the Michigan Tax Tribunal and the Court of Appeals finding that a gas well on residential property affects the True Cash Value of the property. (Real Property)
  • I need you to help me change the world. Specifically, to research the state of the law and legal literature (mostly the literature) on the intersection of augmented reality and real property rights. This is an area where I have already litigated the very first case, where jurisdictions across the country are looking to legislate, and where real clients are coming to us looking for real advice. Because the area is so fresh, arguments in law journals could actually carry some real weight and help me shape my advice. There are not a ton, but I need you to read them and summarize their arguments. (Real Property)
  • Prepare quitclaim deed for property that will be transferred in connection with foreclosure. (Restructuring/Insolvency)
  • Research the process for de-listing a company from trading on the OTC Pink Market. (Securities)
  • Prepare 50-state Blue Sky survey for a Regulation D private placement regarding the requirements for the employees of the issuer to register as a broker/dealer or agent. (Securities)