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BlogsVideos & Podcasts | April 25, 2022
1 minute read
Warner Employment News From the Law Shanty

A “Dope” Shanty Episode

Warner Employment News From the Law Shanty is a vlog series brought to you by Warner labor and employment attorney Steve Palazzolo. He started this series as a way to help employers navigate the murky COVID-19 waters, providing tips that would aid employers during very uncertain times. Since then, the series has grown and evolved to cover a wide range of employment-related topics.

Today’s vlog is geared towards the cannabis industry and the protections cannabis businesses need to have in place as they interview and hire candidates for employment. Whether your business is a startup with no or few employees or a large business with several employees, Steve addresses hiring best practices to protect your business from the ground up. What you build into your job applications, offer letters and employee handbooks can make a significant difference that impacts productivity and your bottom line. To learn more about hiring and employment best practices for the cannabis industry, click on the link below to view the video. 

A "Dope" Shanty Episode

Look for additional Warner recordings in the near future from Steve Palazzolo’s podcast “Warner Employment News From the Law Shanty.”