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HR Professionals Day Offering
PublicationsVideos & Podcasts | October 26, 2022
1 minute read

HR Professionals Day Q&A Video

On Sept. 26, 2022, Warner offered our HR friends the opportunity to submit their burning questions to our labor and employment and employee benefits attorneys. And you certainly delivered! Thanks to all who submitted questions.

Watch the video Q&A session with attorneys Steve Palazzolo, Allyson Terpsma, Janelle Shankin, Stephanie Grant and DeAndre’ Harris as they address a variety of topics as outlined below.

Allyson Terpsma: 0:15 – 10:38 minute mark

  • Under wage and hour laws, do employers have to pay for:
    • Job-related training or certifications?
    • Travel to and from remote worksites?
    • The use of personal cell phones for work?
    • DEI participation requirements and time paid for employee volunteerism and charities on behalf of the company.
  • Can employers require employees to participate in DEI or volunteer activities?

Janelle Shankin: 10:39 – 14:24 minute mark

  • Pending misdemeanors or expunged records – what can employers ask employment candidates?
  • How long are you required to keep volunteer records?
  • Do employees or applicants have the right to ask for a fully remote work position?

Stephanie Grant: 14:25 – 19:30 minute mark

  • Online rewards and recognition program points and rewards – are they taxable to employees?
  • Are electronic notices for annual retirement plans permissible?
  • Long term employees want to stay with the staffing company – what are the risks?

DeAndre’ Harris: 19:31 – 29:08 minute mark

  • What are some considerations and limitations to hiring minors as an alternative option during the current hiring crisis?
  • What are the FMLA requirements surrounding the use of accrued paid time off?
  • Non-FMLA leave and job protection – what do the EEOC and ADA say?

HR Professionals Day Q&A Video