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BlogsVideos & Podcasts | February 8, 2022
1 minute read
Warner Employment News From the Law Shanty

Don’t Let the Great Resignation Cause a Big Mistake

After a brief pause, Steve Palazzolo is back with a new episode of the Law Shanty to address the “Great Resignation” plaguing employers across the nation. Employers are lamenting that they can’t find good employees and the employees they have don’t stay. Steve offers some tips on how a shortage of good candidates should not tempt you to shortcut good hiring practices such as reference checks and including certain disclosures up front in your job applications. He also cautions against red flags that could indicate an employee perhaps isn’t the right fit.

Don't Let the Great Resignation Cause a big Mistake

Look for additional Warner recordings in the near future from Steve Palazzolo’s podcast “Warner Employment News From the Law Shanty.”