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Nonprofit Organizations

From small private foundations to large health systems, Warner Nonprofit attorneys represent all types of nonprofit organizations. Our nonprofit clients include churches and religious denominations, hospitals, museums, environ­mental groups, family and community foundations, schools and universities, social welfare organizations, social clubs and trade associations as well as nonprofit organizations formed to support the arts, research, religion, education, special events, civic affairs and economic development.

Although nonprofit organizations once were able to avoid many of the complex legal issues faced by commercial businesses, we recognize that they now are often held to a higher standard and subject to extensive scrutiny and government regulation. That's where we come in. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a broad range of legal services, including governance and management, to nonprofit orga­nizations. We can help nonprofits, including Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), with fundraising, socially responsible investing, securities and tax-exempt financing, litigation and other matters.

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Formation, Governance and Management of Nonprofits

Private and public charitable organizations routinely look to us for guidance. We have helped build many charities from the ground up.

Our services include formation, qualification for tax-exempt status, preparation of annual reports and tax returns and otherwise helping nonprofit organizations successfully maneuver through the maze of regulations and requirements under which they operate.

Securities Law/Socially Responsible Investing

As the number of Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) grows, so does our experience in helping CDFIs and their investors yield financial returns.

We help our nonprofit clients with the rules and regulations pertaining to the sale of securities and other aspects of capital fundraising, including offerings of notes and bonds, gift annuity programs, church extension fund loan programs and charitable investment pools.

We also provide counsel to nonprofit organizations regarding compliance with federal and state securities laws, including advice with respect to potential exemptions provided by the Philanthropy Protection Act of 1995 and the National Securities Markets Improvement Act of 1996.

Our expertise covers other areas of securities law, too, including state and federal registration, reporting, filing, recordkeeping and operational requirements applicable to securities issuers, brokers, dealers, agents, investment advisers, representatives and investment companies.