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Events | May 20, 2020
1 minute read

Webinar: Feeling the Cash Crunch? How to Manage Distressed Customers in the Uncertainty of COVID-19

Hosted By: Warner

Warner partners Susan Cook, Rozanne Giunta and Dennis Loughlin presented a webinar focused on managing distressed customers during this uncertain time. COVID‑19 has thrown everything we know as “business as usual” out the window. We have all witnessed or experienced its effects ─ and no industry is immune. Many industries are in uncharted territory, as we’ve never attempted to restart entire sectors of our economy from zero. Vital cash resources are being stretched to the limit, resulting in cash-flow crunches. From identifying the early signs of troubled customers to walking the fine line of maintaining business relationships with those customers, we addressed pitfalls to be mindful of to make sure your company doesn’t absorb all the risk. To view the webinar materials or listen to the recording, click on the links below.