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Events | September 27, 2016
3 minute read

Navigating the Intersection of Today’s Automotive IP and IT

Hosted By: OESA and Warner

Location: MSU Management Education Center, 811 W. Square Rd., Troy, MI 48098

Join us on September 27 at the MSU Management Education Center in Troy for a breakfast briefing on IP and IT best practices for automotive supplier executives and in-house counsel. Our attorneys will lead discussions on emerging legal issues that stem from the rapid evolution of automotive technology, including:

Welcome & Introductions
Tom Manganello - Automotive supply attorney, specializing in contracts, commercial supply chain and warranty issues

Creating IP Jointly – Avoiding Antitrust Liability with JVs and JDAs
Michael Brady - Driven by telematics, connected and autonomous vehicles, as well as new safety features, companies are partnering in new ways to bring technology to market faster than ever. While these arrangements often increase competition, they can also potentially run afoul of antitrust laws. This presentation will highlight ways suppliers can structure partnerships to help avoid antitrust scrutiny.

Electronic Data Management – Where IP, IT and IG Intersect
Jay Yelton IIII  - In the time it takes to read this sentence, more than 20 million email messages will be sent globally. Cost and risk implications for eDiscovery escalate with the rising tide of data, which is why suppliers must reexamine their information governance (IG) policies and procedures. This presentation will provide tools to assess IG needs, best practices for compliance with privacy/security regulation and benchmark data.

Cybersecurity – What it Means for Auto Suppliers and Implications for IP Protection
Nate Steed - Cybersecurity is an industry buzzword, but the issue is nothing new: safeguarding electronic data in all of its forms. Hackers can compromise data, but so can employees and contractors. Robust systems and processes are needed to safeguard valuable IP and corporate information. This presentation will walk through what needs to be done to mitigate risk.

Status of Inter Partes Review and Foreign IP in View of the BREXIT
Randy Peck - Inter Partes Review (IPR) is an alternative to litigation for invalidating competitors’ patents (as a defense to alleged infringement or to cancel problematic patents). IPR and related trials are likely to play a part in, or be an alternative to, patent litigation. IPR has been challenged on many grounds, including whether IPR is constitutional, which will continue to shape IPR and patent litigation for suppliers. Understanding those implications will help companies protect themselves and their IP going forward. Implications relative to the BREXIT on IP portfolios and related strategy will also be covered.

Trade Secret Protection (What are you missing?)
The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 provides a uniform body of federal law, creating the option of seeking redress in either federal or state courts. In this presentation, new provisions for remedy of ex parte seizures will be covered, along with steps and strategies to comply with, and take full advantage of, new trade secret protections. A case study will emphasize how to best protect crucial trade secrets on a global scale.

IP Protection and Employment Matters
Steve Palazzolo - As suppliers seek new talent, they must also retain talented employees and limit their ability to take company secrets to the competition. This presentation will focus on appropriate restrictive agreements to mitigate risk when employees leave an organization, and strategies to retain good employees, including whistleblower immunity and employer requirements to notify workers of such immunities.