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Warner Employment News from the Law Shanty
BlogsPublicationsVideos & Podcasts | April 25, 2024
1 minute read
Warner Employment News from the Law Shanty

FTC Voids Noncompetes … Maybe

Steve Palazzolo is bringing you an impromptu Warner Employment News from the Law Shanty video on the Federal Trade Commission’s recent noncompete ruling. To say things are moving very fast is an understatement. As a follow-up to yesterday’s eAlert from Warner’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, which laid out the provisions of the rule, Steve today addresses the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s lawsuit that was filed yesterday seeking to invalidate the final rule and enjoin its implementation. He provides an overview of the lawsuit and its six counts alleging various violations of the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Administration Procedures Act of 1969 and even the Constitution – and also provides input on what employers can expect from this ruling in the coming days, weeks and months.

Click on the link below to watch this new Law Shanty episode.

FTC Voids Noncompetes ... Maybe

Look for additional Warner recordings in the near future from Steve Palazzolo’s podcast "Warner Employment News from the Law Shanty."