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Legacy Matters
BlogsPublications | April 12, 2018
4 minute read
Legacy Matters

10 Common Employment Mistakes Family Office Managers Make

In March, Warner attorneys Jon Kok and DeAndre’ Harris presented at a Family Office Exchange (FOX) webinar for their Human Capital Network. The topic was common mistakes that managers, including family office managers, can make that could leave the office or families open to employment liability.

Employment mistakes have been big in the media lately, and family offices are also at risk for these mistakes, as their staff members often wear many hats for the office and are not always specifically trained on employment issues. Because the repercussions from employment mistakes can be damaging, we have posted the webinar to our site and are providing some information from it to assist our clients who manage employees.

Common Employment Mistakes Managers Make

#1: Focusing on Individual Characteristics Instead of the Job

    #2: Allowing Potential Harassment to Go Unchecked

      #3: Misclassifying Employees

        #4: Blurring the Lines of the Employment Relationship

          #5: Not Having Proper Employment Documents

            #6: Failing to Protect the Family

              #7: Failing to Document Performance Issues

                #8: Creating Physical Evidence

                  #9: Failing to Consider Jurisdictional Issues

                    #10: Conducting Performance Reviews Incorrectly

                      Obviously, these are important issues that everyone wants to get right, and we have only included some basics for each issue to get you thinking about your office’s employment situation. If you need employment documents drafted, have concerns about your current procedures or would like additional training for the office or family in any of these areas, please contact attorneys Jon Kok, DeAndre’ Harris or your Warner attorney for assistance.

                      View this webinar at