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Warner Assisted Multiple Clients to Respond to the MOVEit Cyberattack

Warner is experienced in providing full-service data breach response to clients of all sizes across multiple industries. We also assist with information system policies and insurance so clients can be better prepared in advance of a data breach. Attorneys Nate Steed and Kelly Hollingsworth have assisted several clients in responding to the MOVEit cyberattack that affected over 2,500 organizations and 64 million individuals. Nate and Kelly helped analyze the interplay between state and federal law, including FERPA, to determine notification obligations. They worked with clients on developing appropriate messaging and with reviewing policies and procedures as part of the after-action efforts. Because the MOVEit cyberattack affected multiple third-party service providers, Nate and Kelly also counseled clients on appropriate contractual terms to address future breaches with third parties.