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News | March 31, 2022
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Warner’s Adam Bruski, Amanda Fielder and Madelaine Lane Provide Pro Bono Support to The Joseph Project

Click On Detroit featured a story of two Michigan women – both victims of human trafficking – who were sentenced and served their time for crimes they committed. They are asking to be pardoned for those crimes and hoping others will recognize that they were not criminals, but victims.

Joyce Haskins was sentenced to natural life in prison after killing her trafficker to escape the abuse. With the help of a jailhouse attorney, she was able to leave prison after 17 years, although her criminal record still shadows her every move. Haskins is now a clinical social worker and sits on a variety of boards to help human trafficking victims.

Leslie King is also hoping to be pardoned. King was trafficked from age 15 until she was 36 years old. She was convicted of several crimes and served her time.

Both women are seeking pardons for their crimes.

Warner Norcross + Judd LLP attorneys Adam Bruski, Amanda Fielder and Madelaine Lane provide pro bono legal services through The Joseph Project, representing women who committed crimes while being human trafficking victims.

“Crimes that are committed while a person is a victim of human trafficking should be looked at differently,” attorney Adam Bruski said. “They are not voluntary acts in the same way that other crimes are. And we think that is what the pardon process is for.”

The Joseph Project is a nonprofit organization that connects human trafficking survivors with pro bono legal services. Often, survivors face legal obstacles that arise from their exploitative circumstances, including criminal record impediments, family law obstacles and immigration challenges.

To read the Click On Detroit article, click here.

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