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Publications | May 5, 2020
5 minute read

Virtual Hearing Best Practices for Family Law

While some courts held virtual hearings as a matter of practice prior to March 2020, many courts still utilized in-person hearings. With the current emergency orders in place requiring citizens to stay home and limit in-person gatherings, many courts have found innovative means of providing public access to justice, while limiting traffic in courthouses. This has resulted in sweeping changes in procedures with many courts now performing virtual hearings via Zoom as a regular practice.

This technology is being used as a short-term solution for conducting family law hearings and conferences, but it is predicted to be the way of the future as many courts will continue to utilize this technology long after the COVID crisis is behind us. Virtual hearings are a significant adjustment for our clients. Attending a hearing in-person can already be a stressful experience for litigants, let alone the anxiety surrounding the addition of new technology.

Here are some pointers to ensure you are prepared for your Zoom hearing and that your experience is as seamless as possible:

Pre-Hearing Considerations:

    Things to Think About the Day of the Hearing:

      Participation in the Hearing:

        Procedure During Hearing:

          Following these practices will ensure you have productive involvement in your case that is not exacerbated by the inescapable stress of technology, as we all adjust to what will certainly be the future of our legal system.

          For questions or concerns about family law virtual hearings, please contact Roquia Draper.