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Legacy Matters
BlogsPublications | August 24, 2021
3 minute read
Legacy Matters

Thanking You for Your Input on Our Work

The 2021 edition of the respected and widely used Chambers High Net Worth Guide was recently published online by Chambers and Partners. We believe that this guide is especially useful to high net worth individuals, families and wealth management professionals because it provides well-researched, objective information and recommendations for top law firms, attorneys and professional advisors around the world.

We are delighted to announce that two more Warner attorneys have been ranked by Chambers this year for wealth law, Ric Roane and Laura Jeltema. Ric, who was noted for his ability to handle divorces and contentious issues involving family businesses and other difficult to value assets, is ranked in high net worth family/matrimonial law, a new sub-category under private wealth law in Michigan this year. Laura was noted for her technical skills and versatility, and is ranked in private wealth law.

We are grateful to have again earned the highest ranking offered by Chambers (Band 1) for private wealth law. We appreciate being recognized not only for our knowledge, experience and deep bench of attorneys, but also for those things that are part of our Warner culture, including our collaborative team mentality, responsiveness and proactive communication with our clients.

We are also happy to report that Warner has six individually ranked wealth law attorneys this year, more than any other law firm in Michigan. In addition to Ric and Laura, the ranked attorneys include myself, Susie Meyers, David Skidmore and Mike Van Haren. Three of our attorneys earned an individual Band 1 ranking this year – myself, Susie Meyers and Ric Roane.

We believe that we serve our clients at the highest level, but we always appreciate validation of our work from an independent third party, especially from an international organization specifically focused on attorney skills. During the ranking process each year, researchers from Chambers conduct hundreds of interviews, including some with our firm’s clients and attorneys, but most with clients of other law firms, attorneys at other firms, local business owners and executives, family office professionals, and professional advisors in a variety of fields relating to high net worth families.

Chambers does not disclose the names of those interviewed for the ranking process, but we wish to thank those of you who have served as references and given your time to answer questions about our knowledge, abilities and service. We look forward each year to reading your kind quotes about us, some of which are included (anonymously) in the guide.

We at Warner are honored to serve amazing families, family offices and family businesses. On behalf of the entire Private Client and Family Office Practice Group, I thank all of you for your kind words and for the opportunity to serve you, and I genuinely hope this thank you reaches those who have spoken on our behalf.

See our 2021 Chambers review and rankings for private wealth law here and for family/matrimonial law here.