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Ahead of the Curve Auto Supplier
BlogsPublications | February 19, 2016
1 minute read
Ahead of the Curve Auto Supplier

Shhh! The Importance of Protecting Trade Secrets

When you were a kid, did you ever tell your little brother a secret that he promised not to tell, yet the moment you told him, he told anyone who’d listen? Of course you did. My have the times not changed.  

Warner attorneys Scott Carvo and Steve Palazzolo have written an article titled, “Recent Case Study Demonstrates the Importance of Protecting Trade Secrets,” that focuses on the August 2015 InnoSys v. Mercer, 2015 UT 80, case. In this case, an engineer (Mercer) allegedly took confidential information, including a confidential business plan, to use as evidence in an unemployment hearing.  Carvo and Palazzolo review the case, discuss the total impact of a trade secret theft event and offer several important takeaways in this article.