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Legacy Matters
BlogsPublications | February 14, 2019
4 minute read
Legacy Matters

“Roses are Red, Violets are Blue”—Approaching Prenuptial Agreements Positively

Since Valentine’s Day is a common marriage proposal date, it seems an appropriate date to talk about, yes, prenuptial agreements.

Prenuptial agreements get a bad rap and carry a mostly negative stigma because they are associated with one spouse wanting to protect assets from the other upon a termination of the marriage by death or divorce. That may be one purpose, but these agreements can be so much more. They can:

    To achieve these positive benefits, you must be very thoughtful and intentional about how you approach the topic, the agreement and its negotiation.

      Finally, keep in mind that the end goal is to get married and to have a happy marriage. The agreement should strengthen, not weaken, your relationship and partnership.

      Contact your Warner attorney or Susie Meyers to learn more about creating a positive outcome from your prenuptial agreement discussions.