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Augmented Legality
BlogsPublications | April 16, 2015
2 minute read
Augmented Legality

Privacy in Augmented Reality

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to speak to the Mobile Monday Michigan meetup group on "Privacy in Augmented Reality." The group also held a drawing for a free copy of my book, Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics.

A copy of my Prezi slides is embedded below. During the talk, I covered such issues as:

  • The growing market for reproductions of individuals' likenesses, which lead to more infringements of publicity rights (a species of privacy law)
  • Use of digital eyewear for "Peeping Tom"-type privacy invasions
  • AR's intrinsic relationship with facial recognition technology, the pressure that will put on lawmakers and courts to further refine the boundaries of privacy with respect to this information, as well as self-help methods of defeating facial scanners.
  • Tracking the eye movements of AR users.
  • Special information-gathering limitations in certain contexts, including apps for children and health care.
  • The need for AR publishers to be aware of the information-gathering rights granted to publishers of open-source code used in apps.
  • The potential for AR to empower users as never before to protect their own privacy.

The audience of about 40 local tech-industry members followed up with thought-provoking questions. It will be exciting to see how the local Michigan market capitalizes on this important new medium.

With this presentation under my belt, I'm now looking forward to next week's presentation on augmented reality law at the Tech248 Meetup in Waterford.