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Augmented Legality
BlogsPublications | March 4, 2016
1 minute read
Augmented Legality

New Resource for Michigan Lawyers: Trends in Business Court Practice [Video]

I was privileged to have been invited by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education to join my friends Doug Toering and Dick Hurford in recording an hour-long panel discussion entitled "Trends in Business Court Practice." Doug and I serve together on both the Business Courts Committee of the Michigan State Bar's Business Law Section, and on the advisory committee for the Macomb County Business Court, and Dick is a well-known champion of ADR in the state. As of yesterday, ICLE has made this recording available here as on-demand webcast.

As I've written and spoken about before, the business courts have made major changes in how commercial litigation is handled in the state. Parties are now encouraged to exchange information and negotiate settlement earlier than ever. This webcast is meant to help attorneys achieve the best results for their clients using early court intervention, pre-suit mediation, and evidence-based practices like staged and proportional discovery.

Highlights include: