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BlogsPublications | November 2, 2021
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MSC Order List: February 26, 2010

In People v. Womack, the Michigan Supreme Court ordered the defendant's former appellate counsel to file a supplemental brief explaining why he failed to file a delayed application for leave to appeal within the deadlines set by MCR 7.205(F). The defendant's application for leave to appeal remains pending.

The Court, in lieu of granting leave to appeal, peremptorily reversed the Court of Appeals' decision in People v. Fette, No. 140023, because the trial court's order to remit prisoner funds for fines, costs, and assessments was correct.

The Court held two cases in abeyance pending decisions in other cases before the Court: Paquette v. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance Co., No. 139582, pending decision in University of Michigan Board of Regents v. Titan Insurance Co., No. 136905; and Woodward Parking Co. v. City of Detroit, Nos. 140073, 140074, 140075, pending decision in Briggs Tax Service, LLC v. Detroit Public Schools, Nos. 138168, 138179, 138182. Our previous posts on Titan and Briggs can be found here and here.

The Court also denied leave to appeal in 115 cases and reconsideration in 10 cases.