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Augmented Legality
Blogs | February 15, 2014
2 minute read
Augmented Legality

More Voices Join the AR Law Conversation

I've enjoyed occupying the "AR Lawyer" niche for the past several years. My first piece on augmented reality law was published in 2007. I launched the Augmented Legality® portion of this blog in January 2011, where I've addressed the subject regularly ever since.  On top of that have been dozens of articles, interviews, and public presentations.

It's not me; augmented reality technology sells itself, and occupation naturally leads me to view it from a legal perspective. To date, almost no one else has been talking about this aspect of AR, but I always knew that others would join the conversation once AR began to enter the mainstream.

Well, it looks like that's beginning to happen. Leaving aside the deluge of recent headlines that boil down to "Let's hate on Google Glass, Because Privacy," there have started to emerge interesting, critical analyses from other professionals on the legal issues raised by augmented reality.  To them all, I say, welcome. The world needs more of you.

Here's a sampling:

And of course, this post would not be complete without acknowledging Joe Rampolla's groundbreaking work at AR Dirt, home of the very first podcast on augmented reality. As a full-time policeman, Joe brings a first-person perspective to augmented reality legal issues, especially from a criminal perspective.