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Legacy Matters
BlogsPublications | January 24, 2018
3 minute read
Legacy Matters

Introducing Our New Private Client and Family Office Blog . . .

When our Private Client and Family Office Practice decided to start a blog aimed at high net worth (HNW) families and their family offices, we knew we needed three things:  a name, a style and something to write about that would be useful to HNW families.

We obviously wanted a name that was meaningful, and we chose the name Legacy Matters because, well, legacy does matter to our clients and to us. In fact, those of us serving clients of our Private Client and Family Office Practice spend most of our time each day helping to protect, preserve and pass along the family’s legacy in all of its forms. Even better, the word “matters” serves a dual purpose, as the various projects we handle are called matters. 
As for our style, it will be fairly casual and reasonably accessible, considering we are all attorneys. We pledge to write with an HNW person’s needs and interests in mind, and we will strive to provide information that will appeal to HNW individuals and to their family offices. Hopefully, our end product will be more interesting to read than other things lawyers write.
We believe that there are a lot of topics that are worth sharing our experience and thoughts on, including:

  • The needs of the families in areas such as family meetings, family governance, preserving family values, fostering bonds and harmony, and preserving the legacy
  • The needs of family offices in areas such as labor and employment, structure and compensation
  • The needs of family businesses in areas such as ownership succession, leadership succession, and family and nonfamily management
  • Preparing the next generation to manage wealth
  • Philanthropy and impact investing
  • Protecting wealth and assessing risk
  • The latest in estate planning techniques and trends
  • New information in applicable areas of law, taxes, investment and philanthropy
  • New technology

Because we care about you and your happiness, this will not be the place for legal jargon (unless it is explained) and lengthy discussions of recent court opinions (unless it is absolutely necessary to your understanding of a topic) or footnotes (because no one reads those anyway).
But seriously...why have we decided to write this blog? As a practice group and as a firm, we are dedicated to extraordinary client service, one part of which is quality communication with you. In an ideal world, we would be able to email each of our clients all of the relevant information that comes across each of our desks each week. Unfortunately, if we did that, you would be getting emails from us constantly and would probably end up blocking us and we would not actually have time to practice law.
So instead, we will write blog posts providing information about the questions our clients ask, because often these are questions you also have. Or perhaps it will make you aware of something new you might want to address.
Ultimately, our intent is to provide relevant information that you cannot easily find elsewhere. Certainly, not every blog post will be relevant to everyone, but we hope that many of them will be useful to you, and that you will subscribe to or bookmark our blog page and come back to it when you are looking for information about family wealth or family office topics.