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Legacy Matters
BlogsPublications | November 25, 2019
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Legacy Matters

Give Your Family the Gift of Family Legacy for the Holidays

The holidays provide a perfect opportunity to share family legacy through stories of events, family fun and family hardship. These anecdotes help us feel connected, convey our legacy, generate pride and impart lasting life lessons. 

Opportunities to share family legacy

Traveling, shopping, cooking, taking a walk or watching a sporting event all present opportunities to tell your children and grandchildren stories that convey family values in a way that isn’t lecturing. Sharing a memory about life “back when” can get them laughing and asking questions, setting the stage for you to demonstrate a value important to the family. Be prepared with a few stories that demonstrate the family’s values.

Family story ideas

    Be ready when a teachable moment presents itself

    A little preparation can improve the chances of making family legacy meaningful to your children and grandchildren.

      And if you are stumped, there are businesses that specialize in helping you assemble family photos, document your stories, create a family tree and produce videos to tell the family’s story.

      Children care about family legacy

      A recent survey of children in high-net-worth families showed that 9 out of 10 children surveyed claimed that the “most important thing they will inherit is their parents’ values,” and the majority of these children want to “sustain and build on their family’s legacy.”1
      The holidays are a perfect time for reflection and communication; and what better way to communicate family values than through stories.
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