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Augmented Legality
BlogsPublications | April 29, 2015
1 minute read
Augmented Legality

Get $400 Off Augmented World Expo or Win Free Tickets!

This is a special offer for readers of my blog, my social media followers, and members of the AR Detroit Meetup Group.

Now in its sixth year, the Augmented World Expo is the premier annual conference for all things in the augmented world.  USA Today called last year's AWE "The CES of the Future." AWE 2015 features over 200 companies leading the charge in augmented and virtual reality, wearable tech and the internet of things. Join over 3,000 tech professionals to engage in over 20+ workshops, 200+ interactive demos, a VR experience powered by UploadVR and 100+ AWE-inspiring talks from industry leaders and pioneers. AWE is focused on turning ordinary experiences into the extraordinary and empowering people to be better at anything they do in work and life.

As an officer of AugmentedReality.Org, which organizes AWE, I've been granted permission to share a special discount code with my friends and followers.  Use the exclusive code AWE15DETROIT,  which offers $400 off the regular price! Go to insert the promo code, select quantity and order.

But that's not all! I also have two free tickets to AWE to give away. To request them, send me a message through the Contact page of and tell me why you'd like to attend.