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Publications | November 14, 2022
3 minute read

Attorney Spotlight: Nina Lucido

What kind of law do you practice and what do you enjoy about it?

My practice is concentrated in trusts and estates, with a specific focus on estate planning and business succession planning. I love having the opportunity to learn about the things that are most important to my clients: their families, the businesses they have built over the years and the legacies they can leave their loved ones with the assets they have worked hard to earn. My favorite part of my practice though is using my understanding of each client’s values to develop highly personalized plans that provide them with peace of mind.

Tell us about your background and why you decided to become an attorney.

When I was in second grade, I was assigned a project to craft a diorama of what career I wanted to pursue. I used construction paper and Little Tikes dolls to build my law office. I have wanted to be an attorney from a young age because I felt it was the best way to channel my enjoyment of problem-solving, along with my listening skills and attention to detail, to help others. I was lucky to gain exposure to the practice of law at a young age because both my dad and my godmother are smart and successful attorneys.

Why did you want to work for Warner?

I interviewed with Warner in the fall of my last year of law school. When evaluating where I would start my career, I was concerned about finding a place that would value me as an individual and would help me grow in the profession. With the number of attorneys and offices across the state at Warner, I was confident the firm would offer challenging projects and the opportunity to work alongside highly-skilled attorneys. However, I was even happier to learn that the community at Warner was possibly even more impressive than the substantive legal opportunities. Through the interview process I was able to see the genuine relationships between the people at Warner. The policies and institutional culture of the firm foster teamwork in order to provide high quality service to clients. It was an easy decision to choose Warner, and the longer I work here the more I appreciate the firm’s culture.

What do you think people would be surprised to learn about you?

I love to tell people about my family. I like to say I have 78 cousins, but I always have to clarify that to me, that number includes my first cousins, their spouses, and their children (so I really only have 28 first cousins). There is never a dull moment when the family gets together. My parents recently hosted a barbeque for our immediate family for about 75 people. Nearly all of my family lives in the Metro Detroit area, so I feel very lucky to have so much family nearby.  

What are your hobbies and interests?

The best Saturday afternoons are those spent cheering for the University of Michigan football team at the Big House. I have been attending Michigan football games in Ann Arbor for the past 13 years — four of those years during my undergrad at U of M — and the size of the crowd and the enthusiasm of the fans is just as thrilling as it was when I watched my first game. My favorite way to spend a football-free afternoon or weekend is cooking. I enjoy finding new, complex recipes (or simple classics!) and spending time preparing a dish to share with family or friends. I find there is always something new to learn in the kitchen.