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Publications | July 21, 2016
2 minute read

Attorney Spotlight: Laura E. Morris Inheritance Dispute Attorney

1.    What kind of work do you do and what’s a hot topic for clients right now?

I am a trial attorney who specializes in disputes involving inheritances and elder financial abuse. The hot topic in the industry is identifying and preventing elder financial abuse. One out of every six adults over the age of 65 has been a victim of elder financial abuse and women are twice as likely as men to be victims.1 I represent family members who are trying to protect an elderly individual. I also speak on this topic and help individuals identify abusive behaviors and patterns.

2.    Tell me about your background and how you decided to become an attorney.

Growing up in a military family meant moving from state to state. I learned to be flexible and adapt to change easily. I was attending undergrad at MSU when 9/11 happened. That horrific event made me reflect on what makes the United States special and unique, and one of those things is our legal system. So I decided to attend law school.

3.    When did you join Warner and why did you decide to work here?

I accepted a position with Warner after my internship and while still in law school. I had opportunities to practice at other law firms, but as soon as I interviewed with Warner, everything clicked. I liked the culture, had heard only good things about the firm and my intuition told me that Warner was the right place. So, I cancelled my other remaining interviews and accepted the firm’s offer. I also fell in love with Grand Rapids. I love practicing at Warner and I met my husband two weeks after I moved to Grand Rapids, so I am glad I trusted my gut.

4.    What do you enjoy most about your work?

Family disputes can be legally complex and stressful for clients. I love problem solving and helping clients get to a better place by working with me.

5.    What do you think people would be surprised to learn about you?

I am a closet science fiction nerd. I love Star Wars, Star Trek and everything related to space.

6.    What are your hobbies and interests?

I played soccer throughout high school and at Michigan State University. I now enjoy running, scrapbooking and painting. I also just love spending time with my family.

7.    Anything else readers might find interesting?

My father-in-law is Jack Morris, the famous former Detroit Tigers’ and Minnesota Twins’ pitcher.

1“Financial Abuse of Elders”, By Kristen M. Lewis, Probate & Property