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Publications | March 8, 2019
2 minute read

Attorney Spotlight: Catherine Jacobs

What kind of law do you practice and what do you enjoy about it?

I practice estate planning and elder law. I assist clients to plan for the management of their assets during their lives and the eventual distribution of assets to their heirs. I guide them through planning for incapacity and planning for their long-term care needs. Every client is unique, with different planning needs, and I enjoy helping them develop solutions which ensure that the right plan is in place when a need arises.

Tell us about your journey to becoming an attorney.

While I always wanted to be an attorney, I will admit that, in my younger days, the idea of law school was daunting. After college, I knew that I wanted to follow my dream, and I applied to law school. I started my law career as a litigator, but I was quickly drawn to estate planning and elder law because my real passion is working with and helping individuals at a personal level.

When did you decide to join Warner Norcross?

For the past seven years, I had been in private practice with my own firm, focusing exclusively on estate planning and elder law. During this time, I had opportunities to work on matters with Warner attorneys, and I developed a great deal of respect for them, both professionally and personally. As Warner began expanding their elder law practice, I saw an opportunity to join their team. Warner allows me to offer more resources to my clients and to better serve their needs.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have four children who have been my interest (and have taken the place of an actual hobby) for the past 20 years. They have been active in hockey, soccer, field hockey and academic endeavors, and supporting them keeps me quite busy. As a family we love to take trips and play games. Currently, I am soaking up as much time with them as possible as they soon will be old enough to head out on their own. Maybe then I will take up a hobby.