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Harassment Leadership Training Video

Warner’s Labor and Employment Practice Group has created a Harassment Leadership Training Video available for purchase, highlighting tools to help your leadership teams handle harassment issues in the workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided numerous human resources challenges for employers throughout the last year with new laws, regulations and restrictions impacting the way we operate business, manage employees and conduct our work. Although focusing on the pandemic is necessary, it is vital that employers continue to train and educate their workforce in other areas that also affect productivity, performance, safety and well-being. This is especially true for harassment issues in the workplace. These issues are ever-present, even though social distancing and work-from-home measures have been in place for some time. It is crucial for employers to remain diligent about training leadership and employees on these issues.
To help your leadership teams stay on top of training as it pertains to these topics, we are offering Warner’s Harassment Leadership Training Video for a fixed price based on the number of employees in your organization:

Number of EmployeesPrice
Less than 50 Employees$750.00
51-100 Employees$1,000.00
101-500 Employees$2,000.00
501-1,000 Employees$5,000.00
1,001+ Employees$9,500.00

The video also includes a related questionnaire on the lessons learned from the training, as well as a tracking tool to ensure that all of your leadership teams have completed the training. If you are interested in purchasing the video, please contact your Warner attorney, or contact Amanda Fielder at or 616.752.2404 or Steve Palazzolo at or 616.752.2191.

This video was prepared for employers having operations in Michigan. If your organization operates in other jurisdictions, please refer to the guidelines appropriate for those locations.

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