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Job Jar

Law school teaches students how to think differently, but it doesn't expose students to the broad scope of practice areas in the real world. The Solution? The Warner Job Jar.

Attorneys submit diverse projects to an electronic system, which are assigned to summer associates. The Job Jar provides summer associates access to projects from various practice areas, attorneys and offices.

The Job Jar is also utilized by our first-year associates who want to try a variety of practice areas. Here is a list of some 2018 summer Job Jar projects:

  • [Client] intends to apply for a groundwater restricted zone in [City] to help address historic groundwater contamination. Please create a “to do” checklist out of the relevant city Ordinance that clearly states the steps that must be completed to get the restricted zone approved by the City.
  • Assist in support due diligence for [Bank] legal opinion (confirm accuracy of description of capital stock incorporated by reference into prospectus).
  • Client has received an EEOC Charge of Discrimination. Investigate and draft the client`s statement of position in response to the charge.
  • Client owns a cottage on Lake Michigan next to a public park. He would like us to write a letter to the township supervisor explaining what rights the public has to use his beach and requesting enforcement against those who abuse those rights. About 10 years ago the Michigan Supreme Court decided a seminal case. So, you’ll need to read that case and review any relevant cases decided since that date and then write the letter.
  • Conduct factual research on arbitrators proposed by AAA for an upcoming arbitration in New York and assist in determining ranking of proposed arbitrators. Please see me for more details.
  • Confirm IRS policy for maintaining copies of gift and estate tax returns. Do they maintain copies, or does the burden for maintaining copies of returns rest solely on the taxpayer? If the IRS maintains copies, for how long? This would be covered in the Internal Revenue Manual.
  • Formation of two Michigan limited liability companies (articles and operating agreements).
  • I am hoping that someone interested in criminal law can help with some research on Pinkerton liability. Pinkerton liability allows guilt to attach to a defendant for the acts of his/her co-conspirator if the acts were done in furtherance of the crime and were reasonably foreseeable at the time of the conspiracy. In my view this is a constitutional problem. I am hoping to put together an article on Pinkerton liability, and I need some legal research concerning the history of the doctrine. Please see me before beginning.
  • I am looking for a memo and power point on FERPA and its requirements in the context of a campus police force at [College] that deals frequently with the [City] Police Department and has questions as to how much student-related information can be disclosed under FERPA.
  • I need you to revise our standard notice sent by banks to persons who were subject to a data breach so that it satisfies the requirements of the federal Gramm Leach Bliley Act and the laws of all 50 states. We have some online resources that will make this less daunting than it sounds. They identify the requirements state-by-state. You need to apply that information in revising the standard breach notice and annotating it appropriately for state variations.
  • I’d like you to research for me whether the geolocation of a particular work has ever been recognized as part of the expressive content in a copyrighted work.
  • Legal research regarding 42 USC 1997e(a) as it applies to Summary Judgment motion in pro bono prisoner rights case. Might be opportunity for other projects on this case later this summer, as well as court appearances to observe.
  • Prepare trademark infringement take down request for submission to YouTube.
  • Research elements of and remedies for Defend Trade Secrets Act, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and Michigan Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Some related case law research necessary and complaint analysis. Draft discovery requests in a trademark case.
  • Research regarding client identity. Specifically, if lawyer represents corporate entity, does Michigan law impose fiduciary or other duties on shareholders as part of the representation?
  • Review all amendments made to [Client’s] bylaws and determine which amendments, if any, need to be reported to the IRS under non-profit corporations reporting rules.
  • This is a multi-faceted research project with a narrow issue as a starting point and an opportunity for significant, deep-dive follow up research. I need a detailed memorandum digesting all relevant regulations, caselaw, and secondary sources regarding the Natural Resource Conservation Service acting as an action agency consulting under section 7 of the Endangered Species Act with US Fish and Wildlife Service, including relevant materials regarding preparation of an Environmental Assessment. That overarching project has bite-size components, the first of which is collecting all of the materials.
  • Under the Equitable Parent Doctrine found in Atkinson v Atkinson, 160 Mich App 601, 408 NW2d 516 (1987), does it matter if the non-biological father holds himself out as a step-father versus father?
  • We are setting up a special purpose entity (SPE) for one of our venture capital firm clients (and/or its partners) to invest in one of its portfolio companies. It will be structured as a Michigan LLC, so we will need Articles of Organization and an Operating Agreement. Summer associate would draft the Articles, and possibly parts of the Operating Agreement. TBD whether other documents (Form SS4, Form D) may be needed.
  • We need to go to the Wayne County Records Department and look through the Badeen case file for proofs of service, notices of default, dismissals, etc. to get a handle on the parties remaining in the case. Depending on what Celia finds, this could be an oral reply or explanatory email.
  • We represent Client in insurance negotiations with Insurer and need to run an update search on certain case law discussing computer fraud claims and identify which cases use the same policy language as the Client policy. If there are no other cases out there, no need for memo (oral reply ok). If there are additional cases, would like an informal memo summarizing cases. See me for additional details.
  • We represent commercial landlord. The tenant has attempted to terminate the lease by turning over the keys to our client along with a letter which states that tenant is no longer in business. Is this a legally valid turnover of possession in Michigan? Or should the landlord still proceed with the summary proceedings eviction process to obtain a judgment of possession in court so as to protect itself from claims by the tenant such as, for example, claims under the Anti-lockout statute? You may call me with any questions.
  • I need someone to look up CPA firms under the Entity Search in LARA and build a chart with the legal name and assumed names. Then I need to verify whether the firms have a firm license and whether this is under the legal name or an assumed name. Also, I need someone to look at the firms` websites to see if there are other trade names or logos used. Finally, I want to know if the trade name or trade mark is listed with the USPTO.

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“Warner’s use of a job jar system to assign associate projects is a unique concept and helped me narrow down my interest areas. As a summer associate, and now a first-year associate, I’ve received a wide-range of projects from partners in areas that I didn’t even realize I had an interest in. It made me feel like Warner really cares about helping me find the practice area that is best for me, and not automatically slot me in a practice group like many firms do.”

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Kaitlin Sheets

Associate, Class of 2018

NOTICE. Although we would like to hear from you, we cannot represent you until we know that doing so will not create a conflict of interest. Also, we cannot treat unsolicited information as confidential. Accordingly, please do not send us any information about any matter that may involve you until you receive a written statement from us that we represent you.

By clicking the ‘ACCEPT’ button, you agree that we may review any information you transmit to us. You recognize that our review of your information, even if you submitted it in a good faith effort to retain us, and even if you consider it confidential, does not preclude us from representing another client directly adverse to you, even in a matter where that information could and will be used against you.

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