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Products and Services

Warner Norcross + Judd LLP has developed exclusive products and services designed to make your lives easier. From policy forms and templates to inventory guides and videos, we’ve taken the guess work out of legal compliance. Explore our offerings below.

Labor and Employment

Remote Work Policy

We have developed a remote work policy or can assist in revising your existing policy to ensure compliance with MIOSHA policy requirements. Learn more here.

Harassment Leadership Training Video

This Harassment Leadership Training Video helps leadership teams handle harassment issues in the workplace before they become an issue. Learn more here.

HR Starter Kit

We created an HR Starter Kit to help your leadership teams establish the basic standards essential to managing employees. Learn more here.

Data Analytics and eDiscovery + White Collar Criminal Defense

Search Warrant + Subpoena Protocol Forms

We have a series of solutions designed to help minimize your company’s exposure and liability when faced with search warrant or subpoena requests. Learn more here.

Subpoena Response Data Map + IT Inventory Forms

These forms will help you identify key personnel and data within your various company departments and location and serve as a go-to inventory checklist for your entire organization. Learn more here.

eDiscovery Subpoena Baseline Risk Assessment

Our Baseline Risk Assessment evaluation form will help you develop your company’s internal protocol for subpoena response and evaluate factors that may affect your company’s exposure. Learn more here

Emerging Media and Technologies

Template AI Adoption Policy

Gain control of companywide AI use and establish proper protocols to avoid costly mistakes through Warner’s AI suite of solutions.  Learn more here.