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Warner’s Mission Statement

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Action

We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplaces. It is our mission to provide workplaces that value and reflect the diversity of our clients and the communities we serve and create equity by removing barriers to opportunity when we find them. We believe we each have a role to play in creating an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves and enjoy doing their best work. When every member feels valued and feels comfortable speaking up and sharing different ideas, we generate innovative solutions that provide better results for our clients.

To us, diversity means all the ways in which people differ, from different personal characteristics and backgrounds, to differences in ideas, perspectives, and values; equity means equal access to opportunity and freedom from discrimination; and inclusion means belonging and being respected, valued and supported.

We will focus our actions and our resources in the areas of leadership, communications, processes, relationships and measuring our continuous improvement.

  1. Leadership:  We will ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are supported by leadership and the firm as a whole, such that our firm’s DEI goals are clearly articulated, prioritized and acted on and their importance is understood and embraced firm-wide.
  2. Communications: We will inform the firm’s partners, employees, clients, and the community of the importance of DEI to the firm, and the actions WNJ is taking to make DEI an integral component of the firm’s business and culture.
  3. Organizational Processes: We will attract, develop, and retain attorneys and staff members who reflect the diversity of our clients and our communities.
  4. External Relationships: Warner is committed to fostering an environment of belonging that advances diversity, equity and inclusion for all. We invest time, talent and resources in organizations that provide services and opportunities for those with various statuses relating to culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic, marital, age, religion, disability, immigrant or veteran. We believe a team that values a broad range of experiences, perspectives and ideas is more innovative, effective and better at problem solving, resulting in greater outcomes and service for our clients.
  5. Systems Criteria/Measurement: We will document progress and measure results from the action plan.